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Hi I’m Nathan Y. Van Gierdegom.

I’m a 21-year-old web-developer and designer based in Roeselare, Belgium.

I started learning about web-development and design when I started college in 2011, and it has been my passion ever since.

I’m a student at Howest in Kortrijk, I study NMCT (New Media and Communication Technologies) which helps me reach my goal of becoming a one-stop shop for anything web related.

I love making websites, whether I make the entire site, or only write the code. So no matter what you want to make, you can contact me, and we’ll figure it out together.

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My Skills

Graphic Design

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign

Front-End Development

JavaScript / Coffeescript
Adobe Edge Animate
Wordpress / Drupal / Hubspot / ...


Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Final Cut Pro X

Back-End Development


Application Development



Nacht van den Duvel 2016

My youth-movement hosts a very well known party every year: Nacht van de Duvel. Or Night of the Devil in English. Every year we have around 500 guests. The last few years we've been using silhouettes as our posters, but this year I wanted to take it in a completely new direction.

The name of the party refers to the beer "Duvel", which is served (and drunk) in abundance every year at the party. So that's why we wanted to do something with the beer itself for the marketing every year.

However this year I wanted to do something new, a completely different direction. I got inspired and wanted to make something dark and gritty, really capitalizing on the name: Night of the Devil.

Adobe PhotoshopDesign

Bimbi Roeselare

This is the website I made for Bimbi Roeselare, I created the complete concept from design to development. I used mason.js for the first time on this website and I really liked it. I like the overall look of the site, because it is pretty minimalistic, which I prefer. I especially love the bright footer.

HTML 5CSS 3JavaScriptJQuery

Nacht van den Duvel 2014

My youth-movement hosts a very well known party every year: Nacht van de Duvel. Every year we have around 500 guests. The last few years we've been using silhouette's as our posters, but this year I wanted to take it in a slightly different direction. I had found the image of the two kids kissing in the album booklet of The House That Dirt Built, an album by The Heavy.

I immediately knew the image would come in handy so I saved it. I later decided to use it for this poster. I photoshopped the beer in the boys hand and the glass in the girls hand to add another layer of subtext. It was very well recieved and I'm very proud of it!f

Adobe PhotoshopDesign


This is the website I made for Archi.duc, an amazing concept by Bjorn Verlinde. This little pot can be bought in the supermarket, and after adding some water you can watch your own mushrooms grow! I think it's an amazing concept, and as such it deserved a beautiful website! This really is one of the best ones I've made so far. It has some pretty awesome parts, like the recipes for the mushrooms, and the 'tips and tricks" section which I think turned out really beautiful!

The site is also fully responsive, which I believe is very important for a product website these days. Especially because a qr-code is to be printed on the packaging of the pots, so customers can go and check out the website and recipes immediately.

You can check out the mobile versions by resizing te browser window on your computer!

HTML 5CSS 3JavaScript

KSA Rumbeke

I'm a volunteer leader at KSA Rumbeke, a Belgian youth movement. One of my responsibilties there is being the webmaster. I created the first website 4 years ago using iWeb (I know), after starting college and learning html and css I realised what a monstrosity it was, and decided to make a new one from scratch. So I started coding without a particular design in mind and just kept adding things underway, which made the website a real mess. But in my limited knowledge I really believed it was a good website.

Last year I suddenly got the feeling the website was utter crap, and set to designing and coding a new website. After pondering on it for a few days, I got a design in my head, and after that it took me one week to create a design in photoshop. I really wanted it to be clean, minimalistic, and with only the content that was required. After showing it to the rest of the team, who loved it, but ofcourse they wanted to make a few suggestions, which weren't really sound from a web design view, so I stuck to my guns and told them that this was the way it was going to be. One week later the website was up and running.

I think the result turned out really well. It features a content management system, which allows the news items on the homepage to be updated by people with no knowledge of web development at all, and a facebook plug-in which shows who likes our facbook page and our most recent posts.

HTML 5CSS 3JavaScriptPHP

Los Angeles

At the same time that I was working on the new KSA website, I had to make a website for the Web course in school. The assignment was to make a website about anything, as long as it wasn't an organisation, had to be responsive and it had to contain JavaScript.

I had just been to Los Angeles and thought it was an amazing city, so I decided to take LA as a subject. I used large scenic photographs of LA as the background for the site, and tried to keep the design as flat as possible. All the colours used in the website I extruded from the background using Adobe Kuler.

For the JavaScript portion of the assignment I made a map of Los Angeles with a toggle menu which makes certain neighborhoods of LA light up when you click their names, and makes some info about them fade in.

HTML 5CSS 3JavaScriptPhotoshop

Nest Protect

Part two of the assignment for Web Advanced was to make a product website about one of five predetermined products. We had to use an Edge Animate animation somewhere on the site. One of the possible choices was the nest protect. When I took a look on their website I saw they had a page where you could see an exploded view of the nest, and see all the components.

Around the same time as this assignment Apple had just announced their new Mac Pro. On the mac pro site, when you start srolling, an animation starts playing, that shows the mac pro opening up, and displays a different component every time you scroll. So I decided to combine these two. I found some sprite sheets on the nest website, I animated these, attached them to some tricky JavaScript, and voila! I had a working Mac Pro/Nest Protect website!

The animation does load a bit slow though, so be sure to wait a couple of seconds before you start scrolling!

JavaScriptEdge AnimatePhotoshop

Vlerick Business School

I worked on Vlerick Business School's new website and rebranding project in the summer of 2012.

Although this was not a project I had designed (all credit goes to LBI for this) it was an amazing experience for me, and my first taste of how big IT projects were handled in real companies. This was a real eye opener, and I learned a lot.

Suddenly, instead of just doing my thing, and making websites, I had to go to meetings and such where tasks would be devided amongst a team of about 30 people. Including both full time employees and students working there for the summer (like me).

All in all it was a very valuable experience, for it was at that job that I learned how to plan ahead, and how to work as a part of a big team.

The website turned out really beautiful, and I'm very happy and proud that I got to be a part of it.

JavaScriptHTML 5CSS 3PhotoshopSiteCore

Kermiscafe Tijdloze 73

During kermiscafé we also throw a party where the attendant can send in their top seven classic songs, which we then compile into a top 73 playlist. I wanted to do something with lesser known but awesome pictures of great artists. I ended up making three seperate posters.

One features Johnny Cash, high out of his mind and eating a cake in a bush whilst on tour. The second one features Freddie Mercury from Queen wearing a crown and smiling into the camera, I really liked the colors in this picture. The last one features Tom Waits jumping with his guitar in front of a tower of amps.

Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Illustrator

Kermiscafe 2013

We also needed a main poster for kermiscafé which listed all of the events during those ten days. I wanted to make something which combined the colors of the KSA, orange and blue, and reminded you of the summer and the feeling when you're going home at 5 AM after a night of drinking at the same time.

I used the mistral font, made famous by the movie Drive, combined with the orange gradient to remind of summer, and the image of bumper cars being put away for the night to remind of the late hour. I decided to keep the schedule as minimal as possible.

Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Illustrator

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